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Education Books

Education books are books with resource related to field written for students, teachers and educators. Will teach strategies, development, assessment. They can be in different level of books such as early childhood , primary , secondary or higher education. They can be in specific subjects such as history, medicine, economic, sociology , language, psychology, religion etc.

Environment History Medical Economic Sociology Language Psychology Religion

File size : 3.20 MB

Pages : 45 Pages

Author : by Committee on Highly Successful Schools or Programs in K-12 STEM Education & National Research Council

File size : 5.24 MB

Pages : 1487 Pages

Author : by Trust Education Teachers

File size : 26.90 MB

Pages : 147 Pages

Author : by Aseela. M

File size : 1.43 MB

Pages : 385 Pages

Author : by Len Barton

File size : 14.78 MB

Pages : 305 Pages

Author : by Dan W. Butin

Art Books

Art books focus on visual arts, including painting, Drawing, Music, Photography and other format of fine art. They often contains reference materials for students and include technical informations about art techniques and materials. Arts books serve as window for world of art and provides in-depth knowledge about their works. Where you can directly get popular artist techniques and tricks.

Painting Drawing Music Photography Dance Fashion Beauty Architecture

File size : 21.45 KB

Pages : 52 Pages

Author : by Inuit Art Foundation

File size : 93.30 MB

Pages : 786 Pages

Author : by Metropolitan Museum of Art & Kurt Weitzmann

File size : 21.75 MB

Pages : 114 Pages

Author : by N.Y.) Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York

File size : 91.30 MB

Pages : 400 Pages

Author : by N.Y.) Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York

File size : 16.94 MB

Pages : 189 Pages

Author : by N. Y.) Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York

Lifestyle Books

Lifestyle books that provide information and guidance on everyday living. They can cover a wide range of topics such as Food, Nutrition, health, yoga, travelling etc. Written for general audience focused on lifestyle, sustainable life, self-help , cook books or guides. They provide practical advice, inspiration and tips to improve their daily lives.. Also help readers to learn new skills like health habits, make better choices in their daily life. These books help reader to make positive changes in their lives

Home Travel Food Gardening Yoga Nutrition Health Costume

File size : 154.92 KB

Pages : 2 Pages

Author :

File size : 1.86 MB

Pages : 8 Pages

Author :

File size : 436.33 KB

Pages : 51 Pages

Author : by Yaro J Starak

File size : 9.56 MB

Pages : 92 Pages

Author :

File size : 10.46 MB

Pages : 135 Pages

Author :

Technology Books

Technology books provide information related to technological fields and application such as programming , software development, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science , cyber security, computer networks, hardware and tutorials. Written by different level of expertise from beginners to advanced users focused on specific field. They can also be reference, tutorials and guides to new technology. This books are valuable for anyone interested in technology.

Software Hardware Programming Machine Learning Automation Web Design Tutorials Internet

File size : 3.48 MB

Pages : 330 Pages

Author : by Microchip Technology Incorporated

File size : 3.33 MB

Pages : 274 Pages

Author : by Microchip Technology Incorporated

File size : 5.55 MB

Pages : 358 Pages

Author : by Microchip Technology Inc

File size : 45.90 MB

Pages : 760 Pages

Author : by International Conference on Software Technology and Engineering (3rd 2011 Kuala Lumpur

File size : 33.04 MB

Pages : 485 Pages

Author : by et al Laure Morel- Guimaraes

Science Books

Science books are related to various scientific fields and disciplines such as biology, chemistry, physics , astronomy, geology and earth science. Written for different levels of understanding from introductory to advanced texts. focused on specific study or research subjects for General audience to complex scientific concepts. Science book provide in-depth knowledge , explanation and insights about the natural world how it works. You can read and understand latest scientific discoveries and theories .

Physics Math Chemistry Biology Astronomy Archaeology Space Zoology

File size : 38.39 KB

Pages : 3 Pages

Author : by Political Science

File size : 1.57 MB

Pages : 249 Pages

Author : by Page Keeley & National Science Teachers Association

File size : 19.52 MB

Pages : 509 Pages

Author : by G. Effenberg & S. Ilyenko & Materials Science International Team (MSIT)

File size : 13.99 MB

Pages : 399 Pages

Author : by Committee on the Planetary Science Decadal Survey & NATL ACADEMY PR & National Research Council

File size : 21.54 MB

Pages : 722 Pages

Author : by Materials Science and International Team MSIT®

Personal Books

Personal development books provide guidances, inspiration and practical advice on self-esteem , motivation , time management , goal setting, leadership and personal finance. Focused on specific ares of personal development like career development , relationship or spirituality. It provide tools and strategies to overcome obstacles and develop new skills and achieve their full potentials. Personal developments books are valuable for person who looking to improve themselves and their lives.

Philosophy Meditation Spiritualty Culture Self Improvement Mindset Success Happiness Personal Transformation

File size : 448.35 KB

Pages : 125 Pages

Author : by Research Group & The Personal Stereos without Cd Research Group

File size : 447.23 KB

Pages : 125 Pages

Author : by Research Group & The Personal Stationery Research Group

File size : 665.24 KB

Pages : 74 Pages

Author :

File size : 120.46 KB

Pages : 3 Pages

Author :

File size : 770.04 KB

Pages : 294 Pages

Author :

Recently Added

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Pages : 89 Pages

Author :

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Pages : 12 Pages

Author :

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Pages : 1769 Pages

Author : by Unknown User

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Pages : 75 Pages

Author :

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Pages : 104 Pages

Author : by Gopal Ji